Simple Summer Essentials

It's mid July.

Correction: I can't believe it's mid July. 

Per usual, the summer is absolutely flying by and I am starting to realize that autumn is going to be here before we know it! How does this happen every year?

With each passing summer day, I have come to realize there are just some items I cannot live with out. This summer, my must-haves include a few absolute essentials and also items that have simply grown on me with each sweltering day.

First, as a woman who loves practicality, I've become a huge fan of the roll-up beach hat by Scala. Adriane is sporting it below. I love how this even accommodates her top knot bun which is necessary for sticky summer nights.

Summer Hat - The Kissters

I took this baby to the Hamptons and it was the perfect beach accessory. What makes this sun hat extra useful is that it literally ROLLS UP and can be fastened with it’s attached elastic band. When it’s rolled up it is pretty compact so it fits nicely into a small beach bag. It also doesn’t wrinkle! I’ve had a problem with beach hats in the past- trying to shove them into my already overpacked beach bag- only to find they are wrinkled with absolutely no shape once I get to the beach! For $24 … you just can’t beat it.

My next two summer essentials are a package deal and I don't think I've gone even ONE day without wearing them.

1. My gold Mantra Band

2. My custom made Shahla Karimi chain bracelet. 

Shahla Karimi Bracelet - The Kissters

My custom made Shahla Karimi chain bracelet is hands down my favorite piece of jewelry.  It’s dainty and understated, making it the perfect accessory with casual poolside outfits all the way to LBD nights on the town. If you're looking for something a little less custom, you can always buy similar a version on the internet, including here on ETSY

The mantra band I received for my birthday from my friend Jennifer. It easily pairs with my bracelet-ring-combo. My dad always said “follow your bliss” to me and my sis when we were growing up so the ‘mantra’ really hits home. Mantra Band has DOZENS of other saying and types. All can be found HERE

Summertime sunshine can be a beast. My next summer essential is (obviously) my new favorite pair of sunglasses. I'm all about saving money here and there but when it comes to every day essentials you gotta spring a lil' for them. So dropping a hundred (and change) on sunglasses is OK. My Ray-Bans are in my bag every. single. day. I like that they are a little unique with muted purple sides.

(Pictured in the lenses reflection- my keys, a bag from Muji, and a sweetgreen tea!)

These are the Ray-Ban New Wayfarer BioColor glasses. You can get them in a variety of mix and match colors.


Last, but certainly not least, is my SKIN'S summer essential: Protect and Prefect by Josie Maran Cosmetics. We're obviously lucky that Adriane works for Josie Maran and can always score a great deal on her product. However, the Protect and Perfect retails for just $36 and when you consider all that it does, it's quite a steal!

I apply this to my face every day. It acts as my sun screen because it's contains SPF 47 and it ALSO acts as a light BB cream of sorts. With this, you have tinted coverage. AKA: It hinds your flaws while protecting your skin. Amaze.

As I wrote this post I realized I have so many summer essentials I just can't live without but who has the time to write them ALL in one post? I think I smell a "Part 2" post coming soon! Happy summer!!