Fall Decor in Flash

The autumnal weather brings so many goodies to the Farmer's Market! Not everything you pick up has to be cooked and eaten for dinner. We love the abundance of beautiful late summer/early fall flowers as well as decorative gourds.

How to make gourd candle holders:


Sharp knife

Tea Light Candles

An assortment of small and medium-sized gourds


Cut bottoms of each gourd on a 90 degree angle so that they will stand upright. Cut a small cone-shaped wedge out of each top, just slightly smaller than the candle size. Wedge each candle in. Make sure to set each gourd on a coaster or glass surface before placing on table - the moisture from the gourds can warp wood.

Fall Decor DIY - The Kissters

Use this quick tip below to transform your festive gourds into something that brings a little light into the room! We love this idea for a fall dinner party.

DIY Fall Candles - The Kissters
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