Westchester Family Weekend

I was back just a few days after my getaway to Mexico to do some laundry and re-pack my bags for a small weekend trip to West Chester, PA. Because Adriane's hours are so crazy when she's on air at QVC for Josie Maran Cosmetics, she rents a place in West Chester, PA. I absolutely adore her apartment there because it's so spacious, clean, and relaxing. Compared to a small New York City apartment, it's downright FANTASTIC, so I spend as much time here as possible. It's just a 2 hour train ride from Penn Station so it makes for the ultimate weekend getaway.

This past weekend Adriane and I thought would be a great time to have our dad up to relax and spend time with each other. That, we did.

Adriane's place is just a short walk into downtown. I really love the downtown in Westchester and have always been impressed by the food, bar scene, and the overall vibes of the city.

Westchester Weekend - The Kissters

One of the best parts of a weekend getaways is eatin' good. On Friday night Adriane and I took our dad out to dinner (just a week late!) for Father's Day. We had dinner at Avalon and were pretty impressed with the menu selection and the service. We sat outside (with Jack) and enjoyed the fresh air and people watching. Adriane and I were even more pleased to find out they had gluten free options of both the pizza AND the pasta. I chose to get a gluten free Chicken Alfredo Pasta (pictured below-right) while Adriane ordered the gluten free Lamb Bolognese and dad got the Braised Veal Penne. MmmMMM good.

On Saturday we ran to the grocery store to score a few items to whip up and quick and easy dinner to enjoy at home. Adriane made the most refreshing summer salad of watermelon, tomato, and feta cheese. We paired that with potato salad (from the salad bar) on top of greens and Rotisserie chicken (meal pictured below- left). This meal was the perfect example of "assembling" a meal- my favorite thing to do! You don't need to be a fancy chef to enjoy a healthy and semi-home cooked meal.

On Saturday around noon we jumped in the car and headed 20 minutes down the road to Grace Winery. What a property. The original farmhouse dates back to 1734 . The ambiance was so relaxing and quaint. I just know our mom would have loved it there.

The three of us split a wine tasting, which included about 7 wines and a Sangria. After the tasting, Adriane and I picked to do a glass of our favorite from the tasting. My favorite was the first white, a Pinot Gris. Adriane's glass of choice was a red blend called the 1734.

Excited to come back again to Grace Winery to take a tour of the whole compound... and of course to taste a few more wines!

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