DIY Rice Bag Pillows

DIY Rice bag pillows are simple (and actually quite fun) to make.  You can add your DIY rice bag pillows to your own home décor or give them as gifts. Nothing says "hey - I really care about you" more than a hand-made gift that your loved one can keep and display forever.

Rice Bag Pillows DIY - The Kissters


Rice bags or any bags of your choice! Coffee bean bags or any type of burlap bag can also make for a unique display pillow

Safety pins



Pillow stuffing


Step One:

First choose the types of bags that you want to make your pillow from. I love these vintage looking rice bags. These are real rice bags I bought from a farmer online. It is truly amazing what you can find on the internet if you just search. I bought 25 rice bags for just $30. You can also use old coffee bean bags or any type of burlap bag. If you are using burlap you will probably want to take the extra measure of lining the bag first with another more tight knit material. As far as finding bags-- it never hurts to ask around! If you want old coffee bags you can try asking your local coffee shops.

Step Two:

Stuff your pillow with your pillow stuffing! I suggest stuffing the pillow to the max. It might seem as though the pillow over full, but with time the pillow will adjust and compact so it’s best to “overestimate” when stuffing your bag.

Step Three:

At the open end of your bag, fold the flaps down about a half an inch. This will make the seam of the bag a clean line when you are ready to sew. Once you fold the open ends down, safety pin it across the top. I started from the edges working my way in, so that the seam would be even. The safety pins hold the bag closed in for when you’re sewing it shut.

Step Four:

Thread you’re needle with a thread that matches your bag. I used a thick cream colored thread to match the material of my rice bags. Now you are ready to sew! I stitched my bags across the top right above my safety pins.  


You now have hand-made pillows in just 4 easy steps.

I love the vintage look and feel of these rice bag pillows. They really go with everything and knowing that they are handmade is such a sweet added bonus.

I have given these pillows as gifts and my recipients love them!

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